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Professional Education 

Social Media Tips

Using social media to build a small business.  How to post, what to post and how to do an audit on what's already posted to make it relevant 

L.E.D. Therapy 

Understanding LED. What is light therapy and how to use it properly.  How to build it into a menu as an add on treatment

Advanced Chemical Exfoliation

Exploring different forms of chemical exfoliation and how to complete client consultation form to ensure correct peel for correct clients. 

Refresh Course on Basic Treatments

Back to the basics.  Refresher course on the following treatments

-  Facial Treatments

-  Localized body treatments

-  Wax Services 

-Lash and brow services

Retailing 101

Retailing is a must to ensure the clients have the correct tools for at home use to do their part for desired results.

Combining Exfoliation Services

How to combine mechanical exfoliating treatments with chemical treatments

Hoes to combine several chemical treatments together 


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